10 ideas and suggestions for improving ECO
As a result of our meeting on July 18 as part of the #l2-bounty-1, we prepared a list together with @voshod @Daria @andrey_512 and @OlgaF. We Love ECO✌️
ECO marketplace
Create an ECO marketplace with increased returns for purchases. This will allow you to develop the ECO project from different directions And will encourage customers to use the ECO application and spend more
Branded ECO merch with a famous artist
Make a Branded merch with a famous artist and sell it with an increased cashback
ECO YouTube channel
Create a YouTube channel with a demonstration of real examples of how Eco works
Eco game app
Create an ECO game application with emulation of earning cashback, which can be transferred to a real ECO application
Partner with bicycle and scooter rental companies
Partner with bicycle and scooter rental companies so that ECO users can pay for their trips with accumulated points
ECO mobile offices
Create a network of ECO mobile offices in shopping centers. To promote the application and help customers who are not very computer-savvy but would like to save money and earn with ECO
ECO Taxi
Launch branded ECO Taxis, in which there will be an increased cashback and unobtrusive information about ECO and a QR code for downloading the application will be placed in the car interior
ECO global survey
Conduct a global survey of people in some states to identify the problems and needs of people on the topic of banks, retail, everyday life and what can be improved in people's lives
ECO referral
Create a system of ECO referral codes that will give an increased cashback after the referral is connected
Partnership with global grocery retailers
Agree on a partnership with global grocery operators Walmart, Costco, Target and others
 voshod#3210 | andrey_512#9835 | Daria@8811 | OlgaF#5114
voshod#3210 | andrey_512#9835 | Daria@8811 | OlgaF#5114
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