How to Earn Points in the Eco Discord


Ongoing events:

Be creative

Creativity in creating content is always welcomed by the ECO team and is encouraged by points at the discretion of the team. Be active in the ECO community in Discord!
  • Shoot cool videos
    Interesting and funny and well-mounted videos are often rated higher and you have a better chance of getting Points
  • Be designers
    Try to make your idea as beautiful as possible
  • Become actors
    This will help in creating cool content and will be useful for personal growth
  • Learn to dance
    Starting to do something that you've never done is great
  • Share new ideas
    Now is the best time to show yourself and your talents
  • Show your hidden abilities
    New and creative ideas are very often encouraged by the ECO team. All suggestions can be written on #🖐🏽community-suggestions

Be an explorer

Don't limit yourself to what you already know. Explore, study and be open to everything new! This is always welcome in the ECO community!
  • Reward: every day, the first 10 people who correctly answered all the questions correctly receive 10 points. Click to start the test right now!
  • Take part in the Text Adventure
    🏦 #text-adventure
    Complete the text quest and earn up to 1 point!
  • Study together with #🏹research-bounty-с
    Find out more about the place where you live. Study its history, problems, be closer to the world around you
  • The Team teachable
    ECO Project Knowledge Test
    Click on the button to start answering the test questions
  • Start the quest now and earn the first points!
    Send the message "Play!" and get further instructions in your DM on the Discord
  • Find out more. Learn with ECO
    Explore the places that surround you and become better together with the Eco Research Bounty

Be responsible and kind

Make the world a better, cleaner and kinder place together with the ECO team and community.
  • Help people
    # 🆘 project-oxygen
    Be responsible and kind this is important! So be sure to keep an eye on new activities to be better!
  • Help Nature
    # 📦 ii-trash-pickup-challenge (Closed)
    Be responsible and kind this is important! So be sure to keep an eye on new activities to be better!

Be a part of ECO

Join the ECO community right now and develop your skills together! Create interesting, fun and useful content to earn Points!
  • Take part in the
    Create unique, creative content to stand out among other participants. Make a good design, cool video editing, generate new ideas! As a result of each Bounty, the ECO team summarizes the results and awards the best participants with points
  • Take part in the
    Become a part of interesting tasks aimed at developing your skills and abilities in different areas. Follow the announcements in the Discord so as not to miss the start of a new Bounty
  • Be a gambler - participate in the
    Try your luck in the ECO lottery. To participate, you need to deposit some of your points and wait for the lottery results
  • Take part in the
    Take part in a poker competition and earn points on your favorite card game!
  • Take part in sports challenges
    Complete tasks of sports Challenges and get points. The Eco team loves and encourages creativity, so try to make your videos interesting and different from other participants!
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